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Data vandal changes name of New York City to “Jewtropolis” across multiple apps [Updated] | Ars…

Data vandal changes name of New York City to “Jewtropolis” across multiple apps [Updated] | Ars Technica

Update, 12:20 pm: In a prepared statement sent to press, a Mapbox spokesperson said that Mapbox has “a zero tolerance policy against hate speech and any malicious edits to our maps.”  The label change was deleted within an hour.  “The malicious edit was made by a source that attempted several other hateful edits,” the spokesperson said. “Our security team has confirmed no additional attempts were successful.”

Mapbox data comes from more than 130 sources, and the Mapbox spokesperson said that the company has  "a strong double validation monitoring system."  A machine learning system flagged the change for review; this change was one of more than 70,000 that are flagged on a daily basis, according to the company. “While our AI immediately flagged this,” the spokesperson said, “in the manual part of the review process a human error led to this incident. Security experts are working to determine the exact origin of this malicious hate speech. We apologize to customers and users who were exposed to this disgusting attack.”

#trolls #nazis #cartographie #mapbox via @archiloque

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